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Extra Spicy Bloody Mary Mixer

We started with a classic Bloody Mary full of pure tomato juice, celery, garlic, onion, and savory spices and then brought the heat with a splash of habanero pepper – one of the hottest peppers known to man. This Bloody Mary is sure to put the spirit back in in your step. Enjoy it straight or with vodka.
Product Features
  • 96% juice from California Roma tomatoes
  • The heat of this product is from a heavy concentration of peppers, including the Habenero – the “King” of peppers
Behind the Bar
  • Texas style Bloody Mary
  • Sweet on the front of the palette with building heat that makes each drink taste a little spicier than the last
  • Great for spicing up chili and other tomato based sauces
  • Create spicy micheladas or red eyes


Finest Call Bloody Mary Extra Spicy Mixer includes
Roma Tomatoes
Sourced From
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