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Wild Mountain Huckleberry Syrup

The huckleberry tastes similar to a blueberry but more robust and complex with a slightly more tart note. Distinctive for its rich purple color and high anti-oxidant level, this Northwest berry can help create a colorful twist on numerous classic cocktails.
Product Features
  • 8% juice from a combination of blackberry juice and huckleberry extracts
  • Flavor profile is related to the blueberry, but it is tarter, sweeter, juicier and more intense
Behind the Bar
  • Great for using in place of grenadine to turn a classic into a trend-setting signature cocktail
  • Dark burgundy color and high viscosity excellent for exotic, layered drinks
  • Great for flavored mojitos and martinis


Finest Call Huckleberry Syrup includes
Sourced From
The Pacific Northwest
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