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Premium Juice Lemon Sour Mixer

Experience all the fresh notes from newly squeezed lemons… in a cocktail mix! This sour was specifically designed to emulate a “scratch” sweet & sour as made by professional bartenders. In this spirit, we kept the ingredients simple: single pressed lemon juice, not from concentrate, cane sugar, and carbon-filtered water. The result is a fresh and consistent sour that will have bartenders wondering why they spent hours squeezing lemons in the first place.
Product Features
  • Single pressed, never concentrated California Lisbon and Eureka lemon juice
  • Sweetened with cane sugar and agave nectar
  • All-natural colors and flavors
Behind the Bar
  • Designed to replace in-house juicing where not operational executable
  • Made with single pressed lemon juice that gives a hand-pressed, tart astringency and zing typical of freshly squeezed sour
  • Eliminates operational challenges in sourcing non-local premium fruit year round


Finest Call Lemon Sour Mixer includes
Lisbon and Eureka Lemons
Sourced From
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