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Loaded Bloody Mary Mixer

Our Loaded Bloody Mary Mix is more than just a cocktail ingredient; it’s a hearty blend brimming with vegetables, spices, peppers, lemon juice, and pure tomato juice. We’ve enriched it with special ingredients like horseradish for a rich texture and jalapeño peppers for a hint of heat. This full-bodied Bloody Mary mix is perfect on its own as a wholesome morning beverage or mixed with your favorite spirit for a distinctive cocktail that’s uniquely yours.
Product Features
  • 97% juice from California Roma tomatoes and a touch of lemon juice from Mexican Lisbon and Eureka lemons
  • Gourmet recipe features large spice granules, diced chunks of pepper, horseradish and cracked black pepper.
Behind the Bar
  • California style Bloody Mary
  • Flavorful, but not spicy hot
  • Hearty flavor and thick texture allow it to mix well with many styles of spirits


Finest Call Loaded Bloody Mary Mixer includes
Roma Tomatoes
Sourced From
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