Piña Colada Mixer – EU

What do you get when you combine natural tropical coconut with the best quality pineapple juice? Finest Call Piña Colada Mix, an authentic and convenient way to serve this world famous tropical treat. Refreshing and creamy, this piña colada wins taste test after taste test.
Product Features
  • Made with premium Bakers® cream of coconut and the perfect level of pineapple juice
  • 28% juice gives Finest Call Piña Coladas a made from scratch taste
  • Contains coconut meat and milk for a thick, creamy texture
Behind the Bar
  • Elimination of pre-batching cream of coconut and pineapple juice leads to a reduction in waste
  • Shelf stable
  • Perfect balance between coconut and pineapple


Finest Call Piña Colada Mixer includes
Bakers® Coconuts
Sourced From
Finest Call Piña Colada Mixer includes
Sourced From
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