Sour Apple Martini Mix – EU

Determined not to stop short of pucker perfection, we based this blend on the tartness naturally found in Granny Smith apples and added in pure, clarified lemon juice for a smooth and sour apple-tini.
Product Features
  • Flavor profile is a very clean sour apple flavor and is comparable in flavor intensity to leading liqueur versions
  • Contains 8% Granny Smith apple juice
Behind the Bar
  • Replaces expensive sour apple liqueurs
  • Allows you to create more profitable cocktails without sacrificing the tart Granny Smith Apple sour flavor
  • Works well in blended cocktails as well as martinis
  • Non-alcoholic sour apple encourages the use of flavored vodkas by creative bartenders


Finest Call Sour Apple Martini Mix includes
Granny Smith Apples
Sourced From
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