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Sweet & Sour Concentrate Mix

A precise blend of pure lemon juice with all-natural essential lemon, lime, and orange oils, combined with simple syrup, creates one of the most versatile mixers in the world. It is vital for daiquiris, margaritas and any and all sour cocktails.
Product Features
  • Pure lemon juice plus high-grade fruit oils and extracts guarantee the cleanest flavor profile in the sweet & sour category
  • Allows operators to use dilution ratios to customize their sour profile
  • Concentrated formula offers significant cost savings
Behind the Bar
  • Altering the dilution ratios encourages creativity – dilute to suit!
  • One SKU of a concentrated mix is applicable in both frozen and rocks applications simply by increasing or decreasing the dilution ratios
  • Significantlly more tart than the Margarita Mix
  • Very impressive lemon aroma


Finest Call Sweet & Sour Concentrate Mix includes
Lisbon and Eureka Lemons
Sourced From
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