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Sweet & Sour Lite Mixer

Finest Call Sweet & Sour Lite Mix is your go-to sugar free sweet and sour mix, crafted with a blend of real lemon juice and sugar-free sweetener, highlighted by all-natural lemon, orange, and lime extracts. Enjoy the same premium flavor with just a fraction of the total calories. The Finest Call Lite line of Premium Cocktail Mixers ensures you can savor your drinks with absolutely no sugar added!
Product Features
  • 21% juice from California Eureka and Lisbon lemons and a touch of Mexican lime juice
  • Sweetness is achieved through high juice content and the addition of a small amount of Splenda®
Behind the Bar
  • The addition of other caloric ingredients makes for excellent moderate calorie cocktails
  • Citrus profile also works for standard “margarita” mix applications
  • “No Sugar Added” tag line is perfect for cocktail menus
  • Works well with all spirits and liqueurs


Finest Call Sweet & Sour Lite Mixer includes
Lisbon and Eureka Lemons
Sourced From
Finest Call Sweet & Sour Lite Mixer includes
Key Limes
Sourced From
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