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Agave Nectar Syrup

This sweetener is made using authentic agave nectar from the Blue Agave plant found in the Jalisco region of Mexico. Use this premium sweetener in your top shelf margaritas and more!
Product Features
  • Made using 100% organic blue agave nectar from the Jalisco region in Mexico
  • High sweetness intensity
  • Agave nectar’s very low glycemic index level has made it popular for health conscious consumers and natural for use in upscale beverages
Behind the Bar
  • A combination of carbon and UV filtered water and agave nectar from Blue Agave
  • Similar consistency to bar syrup
  • Because raw agave nectar is difficult to work with, the consistency of this syrup makes agave nectar easier to implement by reducing shaking time
  • Great addition for top shelf margaritas


Finest Call Agave Nectar Syrup includes
Organic Blue Agave Nectar
Sourced From
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