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Premium Juice Lime Sour Mixer

Do you want the fresh taste of hand squeezed lemons and limes in your margarita? Premium Juice Lime Sour features a heavy emphasis on single pressed Persian lime juice and is rounded out by a hint of single pressed lemon juice and premium orange juice. The product uses a blend of cane sugar and agave nectar and features all-natural colors and flavors.
Product Features
  • Single pressed, never concentrated Persian lime juice and California Lisbon and Eureka lemon juice
  • Sweetened with cane sugar and agave nectar
  • All-natural colors and flavors
Behind the Bar
  • Designed to replace in-house juicing where not operational executable
  • Made with single pressed lime juice for a fresh lime juice profile without the expense of fresh limes and the burden of juicing
  • Delivers consistency with flavor that rivals a house made sour
  • Great for any style margarita or daiquiri


Finest Call Lime Sour Mixer includes
Lisbon and Eureka Lemons
Sourced From
Finest Call Lime Sour Mixer includes
Persian Limes
Sourced From
Finest Call Lime Sour Mixer includes
Premium Oranges
Sourced From
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