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Mango Puree Mix

In our quest for the perfect mango variety with superior flavor and balanced sweetness – the “King of Mangoes” – we discovered the Alphonso. Our mango puree mix is a blend of pureed Alphonso mangoes with a touch of all-natural sweeteners, creating a refreshing tropical treat that’s simply unparalleled.
Product Features
  • 20% juice, using 100% Alphonso mango puree
  • Alphonso mangoes are prized worldwide as the best-tasting mangoes
Behind the Bar
  • While mangoes can be difficult to source and work with in their fresh state, Finest Call Mango Puree is simple with a consistent and freshly picked flavor profile
  • Market fresh mangoes vary widely between unripe and overripe, providing inconsistent juice quantity and quality
  • Vibrant color attracts attention and increases sales


Finest Call Mango Puree Mix includes
Alphonso Mangoes
Sourced From
Ratnagiri, India
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